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Businesses struggle to get a handle on financial data sharing.

Consumers want to share their financial data across multiple accounts and apps. But, the reality is it’s hard for financial providers to get a clear picture of their consumers and where they’re sharing data, and sharing credentials creates greater risk.

MX offers a secure, open finance Data Access API platform built on FDX standards that improves the data sharing experience and enables financial institutions to better monitor and manage where data is shared.

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Consumers never have to share their username and password. Tokenized Direct API and OAuth connections mean credentials never leave your organization, improving security and reducing risk.

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Consumers can connect to and share their financial data on their terms with permissioned data sharing and a consent dashboard to manage and revoke access at any time.

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Businesses can better monitor and manage what data is leaving their platform and where it’s going, uncovering new product and partnership opportunities to grow their business.

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Businesses can quickly go to market with a connectivity solution built to enable integration and implementation in as little as 6 weeks or less, and accelerate third-party onboarding with a self-service portal and templates.

Why MX

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Built on the latest
FDX standards

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Works across all data intermediaries for the most complete data access coverage

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Integrate and implement in as little as 6-8 weeks

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Built-in analytics that drive intelligence

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